Vice Chariman's Message

National Planning Commission (NPC) is mandate to plan for the future. NPC has a glorious history of preparing long term vision of the country. In the last seven decades, all leaders of the NPC have worked hard to steer the country from underdevelopment to the development, crisis to cornucopia, and benightedness to enlightenment. Results have been mixed but still something we all could be proud of.

The current commission will continue to stand on the shoulder of the giants who prepared the foundation of this august body, while preparing a vision for the future Nepal. The future we are planning for will be inclusive, tolerant, equitable, egalitarian and modern. For us at the commission, that means better ability to design new projects, implement them, prepare rigorous monitoring and evaluation reports and provide feedback from those reports to the planning process. Given the weakness in implementing development projects in Nepal, an immediate challenge is to increase the use of technology to enhance current efficiency while simultaneously planning for more challenging and complex projects of the future.  

NPC also plays an important role in collecting data and publishing reports periodically. Rational decision making demands better data collection, processing and dissemination capacity.   Given the increasing need of data, it is also becoming important to deal with data collection process in cost effective ways. Data collection process itself is facing a revolution as more and more data are becoming available from non conventional sources such as banks and e-commerce retailers and at a very frequent basis. Using these data to inform decision making will be an important future challenge and NPC is keen to address it.

Private sector is thriving in Nepal and contributing to the growth of the country in its own way. Understanding the role of private sector and ensuring that the state plays important complementary role in their growth is also an important aspect of future planning. We must recognize various ways in which private sector can contribute to the growth of infrastructure, industrial and social sectors. Our planning will aim to make it easier for these sectors to grow.


Biswo Nath Poudel